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Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal
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Is Roof Moss causing you a Problem?

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Roof moss on the roof of your house looks unsightly, can block your roof line gutters – requiring regular cleaning and lumps of moss can drop all over your patio and paths. What’s more if your roof moss is not dealt with – it can lead to damp issues in your property and can damage your roof over time. Moss is like a sponge – it absorbes water and holds on to it. This adds additional weight to your roof, it can freeze in winter time, expand and deteriate and crack and damage your roof tiles. A heavy build up of moss needs to be cleared and cleaned away.

Moss removal & roof cleaning in Ashby, leicestershire & South Derbyshire


Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal for homes & Businesses in Leicester. Excess Roof Moss is scraped away using specific metal profiled scraping blades connected to telescopic poles. 

High Pressure Roof Cleaning – Is it the Correct Roof Cleaning Method?

Many roof cleaning companies offer high pressure roof cleaning services using high powered pressure washers. Unfortunately these cleaning methods – whilst offering a quick and effective cleaning solution – can damage your roof even further. This is because it can blow away cement from ridge tiles, force water under the tile and through the roof breather membrane. This excessive pressure is not good for the roof. It offers quick roof cleaning results but with the consequence of possible long term costs to you – the home owner. 

At Storm Roof Cleaning our operatives will use pressure washers at times when cleaning roofs – but we ensure these machines are dialled down on the amount of pressure used. In some instances this form of cleaning is required for inaccessible areas of the roof. However we also use this methosd of roof cleaning in combination with heat. This allows the pressure to be reduced, whilst still maintaining a great cleaning performance. We also ensure that when using this type of cleaning method – it is used in the correct way. We avoid any areas where roof components are secured with mortar. We never direct the water upwards under the tile. We quickly move the cleaning head across the tiles surface, never keeping it in one place – avoiding water to be forced through tile joints. Where possible we always recommend traditional roof cleaning methods – but when budgets are constrained or access is difficult, we can recommend this as a safe alternative.

Roof tile scraping, Moss removal & Roof cleaning Ashby de la zouch


Roof Tile Moss Scraping & Roof Cleaning Tools. Custom profiled metal roof tile scraper blades. These are attached to stiff, hi-mod carbon fibre, telescopic poles – allowing access to all areas of the roof.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal – The Safer Choice

We clean roofs the safe and reliable way. We offer a roof moss removal – tile scaping service, using specially profiled scrapers to match your roof tile. This ensures effective mechanical removal of the bulk of the moss build-up, allowing the chemicals to effectively penetrate and kill any remaining moss spores. Over time this remaining moss and lichen will die off, disintegrate and blow away in the wind.

We offer low pressure chemical roof cleaning and biocide treatments to kill all remaining moss spores and kill lichen and biofilm build up over time. We also offer various roof protective treatments, that will repel water and protect from any future moss re-growth. We are a professional roof cleaning company in your local area. We will ensure your roof is cleaned safely & effectively.

When surveying your roof cleaning project we will advise the best solution – taking into account your available budget, access issues, age & type of roof, along with any important factors.  Our main aim is achieving the best roof clean possible – without damaging your roof.

We carry out roof cleaning, but we also offer other exterior cleaning services. These include the following: Render & Brickwork cleaning, gutter cleaning & maintenance, cleaning of conservatory roofs, window cleaning, pressure cleaning of driveways, paths, block paving & patios, along with soffit and fascia cleaning, cleaning of shop & office signs, along with exterior cladding. We work on residential homes and commercial businesses around Leicester & Leicestershire.  We have many satisfied customers, who we have carried out external & internal cleaning services for. Contact us today for more information – or a ‘no obligation’ free quote.

Are you looking for a Roof Cleaning Company Near You?

Storm Roof Cleaning is a professional Roof Cleaning Company Local to you. We offer FREE QUOTES on all of your Roof Cleaning projects. We also offer a complete Gutter Cleaning Service, a complete Render Cleaning Service & an Exterior High Powered Pressure & Jet Washing Cleaning Service. We work in the following areas: Leicester & Leicestershire, Oadby & Wigston, Blaby, Enderby, Ratby, Groby, Glenfield, Leicester Forest East, Braunstone, Kirby Muxloe, Birstall, Rothley, Sileby, Syston, Quorn, Barrow upon Soar, Mountsorrel, Barkby, Anstey, Stoneygate, Thurmaston, West Knighton, Evington & Spinny Hills. We work within 20 miles of Ibstock.

Leicester Roof Cleaning

Roof Scraping to remove the physical moss. Low pressure biocide soft washing to kill moss spores, lichen & biofilm. Chemical roof tile cleaning & Sealing treatments & coatings to protect your roof and keep it looking great. Protect your roof & keep it looking great with a competetive local roof clean to Leicester, with a professional roof cleaning service.

Leicester Render Cleaning

Wall render cleaning. Quick & effective cleaning solutions to clean all types of cement rendering to your home or business. Low pressure chemical soft washing removes dirt, traffic film, algae & mildew. Specialist foaming treatments helps increase contact time to give great render cleaning results. Free Competetive Quotes on Render Cleans within Leicester.

Leicester Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning using high powered gutter vac machines. Unblocking blocked gutters upto 4 stories. Gutter repairs to leaking joints. Removing moss, leaves & general debris from all types of gutters. Cleaning both inside & the outside of guttering & downspouts. Photographic proof of the final gutter cleaning. Free Quotes on gutter cleaning in Leicester.

Render Cleaning – Great Results

Is your exterior rendering looking dirty & old? Maybe you are considering getting it masonary repainted. Maybe green algae is starting to form on the render, maybe your stone sills are looking tired and dirty. It is possible to clean rendering which is dirty and green with algae – with amazing results. Usually on North or West facing walls of properties the sun rarely gets around to drying all of the dampness – especially in the Autumn & Winter months. This, along with dust from traffic film from busy traffic can layer up on your properties rendering to cause your house render to start to look very tired, very quickly. Contact us for a free quote on render cleaning if you are a residential customer living in and around Leicester. Alternatively if you are a commercial business requiring render cleaning in and around Leicestershire – we would be happy to help.



Cleaning exterior Rendering at a property in Ashby de la zouch Leicestershire

Contact us because your exterior rendering can be effectively cleaned without redecoration. In fact redecorating the render over a layer of dirt and algae growth – will only make for bigger problems in the future. Our render cleaning methods and the chemicals we use will get your property looking like ‘almost’ new again.

Roof tile cleaning Loughborough & Shepshed


Chemical roof tile cleaning. Moss removal by roof tile scraping – then application of Biocide to kill moss spores & Lichen. Free roof cleaning quotes for customers living in Leicester

Roof Cleaners & Moss removal. Roof Cleaning Coalville


Roof Moss removal & scraping. Chemical Roof Cleaning of Algae & Lichen. Soft washing & Render Cleaning on Leicester & Leicestershire residential homes.

Roof Cleaning Hinckley & Nuneaton, Leicester & Loughborough


Roof cleaning & Moss Removal for homes & businesses in Leicester & Leicestershire. Enhance your properties kerb appeal quickly & effectively with a professional roof clean.


Roof moss causing a problem
Is Roof moss causing a problem? Falling onto your patio, drive or path? Get your roof cleaned & the moss removed.

Roof Tile Cleaning & Moss Removal
for Leicester


Is Roof Moss dropping on your paths, patio or drive?

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

When roof moss begins to build up on your roof – the tell tale signs is lumps of moss falling down and landing on your paths, patios or drive ways. This looks unsightly, but more importantly it needs proper attention – as the moss will fall from your roof and block up your roof line gutters. When these are blocked, roof water – when it rains is prevented from draining correctly. If your gutters get blocked up with moss, then water can overflow down your property walls causing damp, damaged brickwork and a whole host of other problems. Therefore urgent attention is required.

Why does moss grow on your roof?

Moss is a form of plant. It’s seeds or spores are carried in the air. These can be sent up into the air by grass cutting, trees and transferred by animals. These moss spores enjoy shaded, damp areas to laydown roots and grow. The dust particles on your roof and abundant moisture from the rain allows for an ideal enviroment to grow and spread on the roof tiles. North facing roofs are often ideal locations for moss to form. Once clumps start to form, these can quickly grow outwards forming a thick carpet of green foliage. Moss can take on up to 20x its own weight of water. Therefore – this tendancy to absorb water causes a problem. Why? Well, as it takes on water – in winter time this can freeze over night and expand. As it grows tightly around roof tiles, filling in between gaps and growing through the roof tile spaces – when this freezes it can cause roof tiles to get damaged over time. It also prevents water from freely running and draining away. Other biofilms can also begin to grow on your roof tiles. Such things as moulds, lichens and other forms. These can take the form of white patches or circles of yellow and orange forming on your roof tiles. These look unsightly and can detract from the aesthetic of your house or commercial property.

Moss Removal, Lichen Removal – Roof Tile Cleaning

As Moss is a form of weed it can either be manually removed by scraping it from the roof tile or killed off using a chemical. This special weed killing chemical is called a Biocide. This chemical is sprayed onto the roof surface by using special equipment. Once it is absorbed by the moss & lichen – the roots are killed and so are all remaining moss spores. This then gradually breaks down, disintergrates and flakes up and blows away in the wind. To get the best of both worlds, we clean roofs by using a combination of the two techniques. We firstly mechanically scrape the roof tiles to remove the large build up of moss clumps. We then apply the liquid weed killer or Biocide to finish off the cleaning job. Usually the chemical kills the moss off in about 1-2 weeks. The full roof cleaning effect can take anywhere between 6-12 months to fully complete. However, initial roof cleaning results will be easy to see within a few weeks of completion.

Removing traffic film & dirt from the roof 

Roofs quickly become dirty by the build up of dirt and dust carried in the air and also the rain that falls from the sky. In big Cities like Leicester, where there is a large amount of busy road traffic – this is increased by the level of soot particles emitted from diesel engines. Over time your roof can start to look very dirty indeed. We can clean this away using special roof cleaning chemicals. These have powerful, deep cleaning properties & penetration – quickly removing the layers of built up dirt and grime. These chemicals have foaming agents, which increase the ‘dwell’ time or contact time with the roof tiles on the roof. After rinsing, those layers of dirt are released and cleared away. All debris is then vacuumed out of the gutters and removed from the property. 

Sealing & Roof tile Treatments

After cleaning your roof of moss, lichen & dirt – it is adviseable to treat and seal the roof tiles. Over time the original water proof protective coatings degrade. This means water can be absorbed as opposed to being repelled from the roof tile. Special water repellant coatings can be applied to the tile surface to give your roof the protection it deserves. This will also enable it to stay looking cleaner for longer. If this is something you are interested in – contact us for more details.

Do you need your Solar Panels Cleaning?

Storm Roof Cleaning is a professional Roof Cleaning Company Local to you. We also offer FREE QUOTES on all of your Solar Panel Cleaning. Roof mounted Solar panel arrays can quickly get covered in a layer of dust, dirt, bird droppings and tree sap. This quickly degrades the energy efficiency of the panels. This layer of dust and dirt can degrade the energy performance of the solar array by up to 20 – 25%. Therefore this dirt is costing you money in lost energy you could have earned if the solar panels were running at optimal performance. We carry out solar panel cleaning work in the following areas: Leicester & Leicestershire, Hinckley, Burbage, Barwell, Earl Shilton, Market Bosworth, Desford, Newbold Verdon, Barlestone, Ibstock, Ratby, Kirby Muxloe, Markfield, Coalville, Whitwick, Loughborough, Shepshed, Castle Donnington, Kegworth, Nanpantan, Woodhouse, Woodhouse Eaves, Copt Oak, Mountsorrel, Quorn, Barrow upon Soar, Sileby, Cossington, Rothley, Newtown Linford, Bradgate, Coleorton, Ashby de la zouch, Swadlincote, Burton upon Trent, Measham, Appleby magna, Heather. We work within 20 miles of Ibstock.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Leicester & Leicestershire

We clean Solar panel and roof mounted solar arrays on homes & business premises in Leicester & Leicestershire. Using specially soft, flocked bristled brushes with electrically insulated telescopic water fed cleaning poles, specialist gentle chemical cleaners and a pure water rinse – your panels will look like new again. More importantly your solar panels will be operating at their peak performance, turning sunlight into powering your home or business. Our professional solar panel cleaners are highly experienced in working in this specialist area of the cleaning business. 

It is very easy to scratch the solar panels when cleaning. This can cause panel delamination over time. Solar panels can also be cracked if not cleaned when the solar panel is cool and not in full sun. There is also electric shock potential when mixing water and electric when cleaning solar panel arrays. The amount of electricity can be substantial in solar arrays – so the highest level of caution needs to be used when working in this area. They are also mounted very high up on the roof of your home or commercial premises. Therefore this is not something we would recommend you do yourself. Contact us with any questions you may have and we would be happy to provide a free, affordable quote on solar panel cleaning in Leicester & Leicestershire.

Solar panel cleaning Leicester
Solar panel cleaning Leicestershire
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